If you are old enough to remember when the PSP (that’s Playstation Portable for you) first came out in 2005, then you probably remember one of the most popular games on it during those times called Lumines. It was a tetris-like game that had a pretty boss soundtrack (well, at least for that time), and while some found it too simple for a video game console, it still became a huge hit. Now, almost 16 years later, it is finally coming soon to mobile devices.

We’re not really sure why it took them this long to actually make a mobile game version for Lumines, but hey better late than never right? Its temporary name is Lumines 2016 and it is supposedly set to come out by summer this year. The only thing that publisher Mobcast has revealed is that it will be a paid app and it will be released worldwide simultaneously. There also might be a free to play app called Lumines VS that will arrive in winter of this year as well.

Now other than that, we know nothing about what to expect from the game but from the only screenshot provided, it looks like the playing field is square-ish rather than the rectangle. It also looks like it will retain the basic gameplay that we were used to, but let’s see what other new things they can introduce with this version.

Let’s hope that this new version of Lumines is nothing like the iPhone version that came out back in 2009 but was critically panned and didn’t get much downloads. So until summer comes along, we’ll have to content ourself with other tetris-like games in the play store.

VIA: The Verge