Did you ever wish that you could watch the torrents you’ve been “acquiring” on a larger screen but were too lazy to burn it onto a disk or they were too big to save in a flash drive. Well, the folks over at the Popcorn Time team have heard your coach potato prayers and have announced that their Android app has been updated and now includes Chromecast support!

Yes, you heard that right, they’re probably making sure that no one who owns an Android device and a Chromecast dongle will ever get up from their couch right? Popcorn Time is a beloved app and service by users and a sworn enemy of TV and film studios. In simple words, Popcorn Time streams videos from torrents in real time. Think of it as a Netflix for your torrents, with no need to download the videos anymore. And we all know that there is a huge issue regarding the legality (or lack thereof) of videos that are uploaded to torrent sites, so this latest update from Popcorn Time should be scary for media producers.

But if you’re just a consumer who’s not that particular with the legalities of the videos that you’re watching, then this is a dream come true. Aside from the Chromecast support, the Android Beta 2.0 also now has automatic updates and faster streaming for movies and TV shows (but also depending on your Internet connection). It also now has a native UI, several bug fixes, and even more devices supported.

So if you have Chromecast dongle, better download the Popcorn Time Beta 2.0 app now. Just don’ blame us if you never go out of the house anymore and you lose all social contact in the next few days.

SOURCE: Popcorn Time