The 2011 PopCap gaming survey is out and it yields some interesting results pertaining to mobile gaming demographics. The 94 page survey report states that while overall mobile game use is slightly waning, the amount of time gamers are playing on their smartphones is increasing. Additionally, nearly as many female gamers as males play mobile games on their smartphones. But the real shocking result is that the average age of mobile gamers isn’t as young as one would expect.

According to the PopCap survey, the average age of a mobile gamer is nearly 40 years old. It also says that the vast majority of mobile gamers play games on a smartphone like Android. In fact, the study shows that owning a smartphone increases game play frequency with 92% playing weekly, and 45% making it a regular appointment and playing daily. 87% of smartphone users also purchase twice as many games for their mobile phones as whose who use a web-enabled phone. Mobile phone owners UK are more likely to play games on their phones than in the US, even though users in the US are more likely to play on a smartpohone, rather than web enabled phone like in the UK.

Also good news for app developers is that Smartphone users spent almost $10.00 more on mobile phone games as whose who play on web-enabled or standard phones, and were more likely to upgrade a free game trial to a paid version.

[via Info Solutions Group]