Pool isn’t a new mobile game but it’s actually a photo sharing app that offers easier organization of your pictures. This is ideal for collecting photos of any special event because you know, there are just too many to share with family and friends. Sure, you can maybe just upload to Facebook and allow contributors but Pool offers a more convenient way to have all photos in one collection.

Enough with the emailing and sending of photos via instant messengers. Just use Pool to organize the photos as everything is saved on the cloud. They can save their own photos in one folder online that can be accessed by everyone.

Pool allows saving of photos in their original and full quality. Directly saving images on the cloud is preferred because you’re sure you will never lose any file. It’s one smarter app as well because it can remember and analyze data. It will know your location and the date when the photos were captured. This way, Pool can tell you if another friend or contact on your phone has taken another photo at the same time or event. This is only possible if you allow such information to be shared. Otherwise, Pool will keep the information private.

As an added bonus, the Pool photo sharing app can also recognize your old photos. App will help you relive those special moments and allow you to share with friends especially if you forgot to share them.

Download Pool – Photo Sharing Assistant from the Google Play Store