Today the popular speaker and audio company Polk Audio has just announced a slew of headphones for those leading an active lifestyle. Their somewhat new UltraFit 1000, 2000, and 3000 series are meant to handle all the elements, stay tangle free, and sound amazing. The best part about this news is they’re now offering each model specifically for Android soon.

Today we learned that three of their newest headphones will all be offered for regular users, then Android specific models will also be available. We’ve watched so many headphones not fully function properly with Android for play/pause as well as taking calls and more on the go, but today Polk is fixing that. Each new model seen at their website here is also available for Android and are noted by having an “a” in the model number.

Priced at $69 and up they have three different models suited for the Android smartphone user. I’m really happy to see another quality audio company offering headphones specific for Android — bringing us features many iPhone users have been enjoying for some time. The Polk Audio UltraFit 1000a, 2000a, and 3000a are all listed on their site and will be available soon. Two in-ear and one over ear options are for sale.

Their new headphones offer moisture-wicking technology for those that are active or at the gym, One-button in-line controls & microphone, for on-the-fly audio and phone control without breaking your concentration or running stride. They have SecureFit technology so they remain in place during the most active exercises, flexible and tangle-free cables with two length options in the box, and Polk promises ultra-high performance and quality digital sound. I can’t wait to try out some made for Android headphones.

[via Android Central]



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