The trend for having actual print outs of your mobile photos continues, even as mobile photography hits new heights in terms of quality of smartphones, apps, and accessories. This combination of analog and digital is not a conundrum anymore, and a lot of gadget makers are getting into the game. Polaroid has released several portable photo printers, but this newest one may be the smallest and most handy of them all. The Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer may just be the newest one to attract your attention and wallet.

The Zip photo printer is just 2.91 x 4.72-inches, under 1-inch thick and weighs 186 grams, so it is something you literally can slip into your pocket. Since it only has a single power button, it is also pretty simple to use. The more “complicated” parts are done through the Zip app, which includes editing the images, adding filters and effects, making photo collages, adding drawings to your photos, and it even has templates so you can create your own business cards and then print them out instantly.

It can connect with your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC. It uses ZINK Paper instead of traditional photo ink and can print 2-inch and 3-inch photos. What makes the photo paper special is that it uses Zero Ink Printing tech, meaning the paper itself is made up of dye crystals with different colors and polymer coating. When the printer receives heat, then it produces different colors to create the photo image.

The Zip photo printer is available for pre-order in the US, but it also ships worldwide. The device sells for $129.99 with 10 free prints, or $179.99 with 100 prints (delivery price excluded). They also sell the ZINK paper at $25 per pack, with 50 prints per pack.

SOURCE: SlashGear