Back in the 80’s if you wanted a picture without having to pay to have them developed, you used a Polaroid instant camera. With digital photography today, just about any camera can give you an instant picture if your printer is nearby. Polaroid has unveiled a new camera called the Polaroid Socialmatic that it says is the next generation of instant digital cameras.

The camera is designed by Socialmatic LLC and licensed by Polaroid. It has a square design and runs the Android operating system. The Socialmatic has a 14MP front sensor and a 2MP rear along with LED flash. On the back of the camera is a 4.5-inch touchscreen LCD that allows for navigation of menus and enhancing of images.

Images taken with the camera can be stored to 4GB of internal storage or microSD cards. The camera has a Zink Zero Ink printer inside and will print 2×3 color images in under a minute. WiFi is integrated into the camera to allow users to upload images to social networks directly from the camera.

Each of the photos taken has their own QR code embedded. That code allows the shooter to track photos. Bluetooth is also integrated to allow syncing with a smartphone for uploading away from WiFi networks. The camera will be available in time for the holiday shopping season at an undisclosed price.

SOURCE: Polaroid