You’ll probably see a lot of “need to lose weight” or “have to exercise more” on a lot of people’s new year’s resolution. With the arrival of wearables and apps, this has become both easier and also more of a challenge for people. Polar, a wearable sports and fitness tech company, has now announced a weight management system called Polar Balance that includes a smart scale, an activity tracker, and an app and web service.

If your goal is to lose a specific number of kilos/pounds during a specific period of time, then you would need help to manage this. Polar Balance is offering you a system to do just that. First, you start by setting a target weight in the Polar Flow app and then weigh yourself on the Polar Balance Bluetooth Smart scale. It will then send your current weight to your tracker or directly to the app itself. It will then keep track of all your activities, help you also track your food intake, and even give you practical advice and motivational feedback.

The Polar Flow app also has a weight loss pedometer that tells you if what you’re doing is working and you’re losing weight, or you need to add more activities and limit a certain kind of food that you’re constantly eating. It also takes into account your daily activities (including sitting down in front of the computer) and weight trends as well. The app will tailor fit your daily activity goals according to what you need and the Polar tracker will help you make sure that you achieve said goal.

The Polar Balance Bluetooth Smart scale comes in black and white versions and is priced at €99.90. You can use it with any of the Polar trackers like Polar Loop, Loop 2, Loop Crystal, A360, M400 and V800. The Polar Flow app is available for free on the Google Play Store.