It looks like Android users now have another image filtering app to choose from. This latest is called Polamatic by Polaroid. The app comes by way of Appadana and this is described as being an officially licensed Polaroid app. That bit aside, the app brings options for 20 photo filters along with 36 Polaroid frames. Users are also able to caption these images and then share them out on other networks.

Aside from seeing this as just another image app with filters, this will likely bring some nostalgia for the Polaroid fan. Of course, that comes with some good and some not so good. For one, there is a delay from the point when you capture an image to the point of actually seeing it and being able to do anything with it. In testing the app this delay (while only a few seconds) was frustrating, but then we remembered that with a regular Polaroid camera — you have that same wait.

In fact, using the Polamatic by Polaroid you will still see your image spit out (in a manner similar to what is expected with a regular Polaroid camera. The app also has an image counter that keeps track of how many pictures you have saved in the gallery. Basically, it looks like the Polamatic app is attempting to bring back some memories.

Anyway, perhaps more important here, once those images have been captured you can choose the frame and filter you want. The filters are well, filters. The frames are a bit different and are said to be “high-quality scans of new, used and vintage Polaroid picture frames.” Again, this is going to the nostalgia aspect here. Once the perfect frame and filter has been applied you can then add a caption with an option to pick from 24 different fonts.


Otherwise, while the Polaroid frame aspect is neat and interesting, the remaining features are pretty standard. For example, this app allows you to capture a new image or start with an existing image from your camera gallery. You can also share those images on a wide variety of sites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email and more.


A few other perks include these images being saved in high-resolution as well as being able to save pictures in the original unedited format (in addition to your Polaroid edited version). All said and done, we liked the app for the nostalgic side, but sort of feel that many are going to overlook this app simply because it is not available for free. In fact, as of the time of this writing the app is showing between 1 and 5 installs — one of which came from us and another commented about how they asked for a refund after 3 minutes.

SOURCE: Google Play Store


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