The Pokemon Go craze may have slowed down after over two years since its launch but the team behind it isn’t stopping with coming up with related games. A few weeks ago, we told you about a new Pokemon game we don’t really need. You don’t need it but you can still play the game if you fancy more adventures with the little creatures. No more chasing around in augmented reality. We’re taking a break from the AR world and go back to good old mobile gaming that only requires you to focus on the screen while tapping and swiping incessantly.

In Pokemon Quest, your favorite characters become even cuter as they turn into cubes. You know those Crossy Road-type of pixel-cube characters, the little monsters are now in their cubed forms–trying to be well, too cutesy for you. You will no longer try to look for new Pokemon characters. Your buddies will help you find the treasures on Tumblecube Island.

Everything is a cube on Tumblecube Island. There are many good things hidden there so make sure you go look for them. Those Pokemon you know from Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red will appear on Pokemon Quest. Just tap, tap, and tap to win the battles. You don’t need to do anything more or travel far to discover treasures. A whole new adventure awaits and can be enjoyed right on the mobile screen.

The battles will be between your Pokemon character and a wid Pokemon that may appear. Just finish the challenge by beating one Pokemon after another. If you want a new Pokemon, you can befriend them and try to build your own team while using different items and cute decorations.

Note the Nintendo Switch was the first gaming device to run such. If you have a Nintendo Network account, sorry but it won’t work.

Download Pokemon Quest from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Pokemon