Pokemon Masters

Last month, we told you Pokemon Masters would be coming to Android. You see, the Pokemon team doesn’t know how to rest as it announces updates and new gimmicks left and right. There are more adventures, evolutions, characters, lure modules, and mobile games are coming. Special promos have been announced earlier while Pokemon Detective Pikachu Playground stickers were made ready for download. For Pokemon GO loyalists, there’s the Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza event and PvP challenges at Pokemon GO Trainer Battles.

Pokemon Masters is a new Pokemon game brought about by a recent partnership between DeNA Co. and The Pokémon Company. It’s not up for pre-registration on both the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s another strategy game that will have players form teams of sync pairs. To review, a sync pair is a Trainer and Pokemon duo.

Gameplay starts when the sync pairs join 3-on-3 real-time battles. Challenge the AI opponents and be prepared to take on the island of Pasio when the game becomes available just before Summer ends. No exact launch date has been provided yet.

The people behind the new game have also released six gameplay trailers on YouTube. Watch an overview of the game including battle and progression systems, Story Mode preview, how to evolve Pokémon in this game, cooperative play features, and how to build the perfect team.

A Pokémon Masters preview version is now available o select Android devices. It will come first to Singapore and then Canada. The game will be available in most part of the world as a free-to-start game.

In-app purchases are offered. Only select content from the game will be available on the preview version. Progress can be saved so you can continue the game even when the final version is out.

We have a feeling Pokemon Masters will be another time-waster. Big fans of Pokemon will surely love this. We’ll see how fast it will become popular.