The company behind Pokemon GO has a new baby. No, it’s not a new Pokemon character. It’s a new Pokemon game that will make you love Pikachu more. Well, even if it’s not your fave pocket monster, you will love the new mobile game we only know as Pokemon Masters. Not much has been revealed when we first heard of it but the Pokemon Company has published a new video trailer. It doesn’t show a sample gameplay yet but it will remind us of our childhood when Pokemon first hit the TV screens.

Hardcore Pokemon fans will notice a lot of popular characters. We see Blue, Red, Lance, Erika, Cheren, Brock, and Mistry in the video. Most of them we know from the anime and different Pokemon games.

Pokemon Masters will have you going to the artificial island of Pasio. All trainers and Pokemon will need to share a special bond here. They will be called as sync pairs taking on new adventures on the Pasio Island.

Other Pokemon and their trainers will also be in the island. You’ll get to meet them soon. If possible and if needed, you may need to recruit more. This way, you can finish the Pasio Island adventure together.

Every trainer has his own abilities different from other trainers. Each one is said to work with his Pokemon to survive and finish a battle. Sync pairs can also be grouped together into three. The 3-pair group can then challenge other teams into battes in real time. It’s not clear if the game will be PvP though as details are scarce.

The game has yet to be unveiled on the Google Play Store. We don’t know when it will be released exactly. There’s little information if and how the game can be monetized. We won’t be surprised if it will be another time- and money-waster. It won’t matter to true fans of Pokemon. So, who’s excited for this one?