Pokemon is a franchise that will usually guarantee success, unless you do something really stupid with it. You may have guessed where this article is going, but allow us to state the facts. The Pokemon Company – partly-owned by Nintendo – very recently launched their first ever Android app in the form of a niche music app called Pokémon Jukebox. The idea is that with this app, you can listen to hundreds of tracks from Pokémon games. But why is there so much vitriol for this app?

While the app is free to download, using the app is sadly expensive. The main section allows users to “listen to 3 songs as much as you want each day for free!” There is a “Shop” page where users are asked to pay to listen to Pokémon-themed music. These come in tracks that cost USD$1.00 each, or the more expensive “Melodies,” at USD$2.00 per track.

The rationale for the app feels contrived, especially as you can download these mostly 8-bit tunes all over the internet for free. There is very little you can do with the app, nothing out of the ordinary. If you like playing your Pokemon music in a continuous loop, then maybe there is hope for the app.

It just feels like the developers are trying to fool people into buying little nostalgia hits. But surely, those should not be worth 2 bucks a pop, even if they do bring you back a piece of your childhood. We’ll do you a favor and post the Google Play Store link, but only so you can read the comments on the app.

SOURCE: Google Play Store