Pokemon Go, the popular augmented reality game by Nintendo and Niantic Labs, has been out for almost six months. It has broken numerous records in both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It has earned and have received millions of sign-ups and players within a few weeks after launch. It’s success has been phenomenal but over the past few months, interest in the game has gone down. It still is a widely played game and we believe avid fans will remain.

It’s expected that more would be added to the number once the game is released in China but unfortunately, it may no longer arrive in the country or at least may take a long time. There won’t be any license given to Pokemon Go anytime soon. The state censor said it will not license Pokemon Go until after an evaluation of all the possible security risks. So it’s not really final but it may take some time.

Niantic Labs and Nintendo have done really well. Pokemon is currently the largest mobile and online game today. We know it will be replaced by a new game someday but we have no idea when. It’s a fun game alright but it has also resulted to some unfortunate situations like road accidents. There are also cases of distracted players and we can imagine why–it’s addictive. We just don’t understand how others had to lead to death.

No, we’re not blaming the game developers. Like any other game or gadget, it is always up to the user or consumer how he will utilize the product. Pokemon Go is a mere game but it can be dangerous depending on how one makes use of it. There are also concerns over data privacy that the Chinese censor wants to evaluate first before releasing the game in the country.

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television will be testing and evaluating the risks of the game first as they have the “high level of responsibility to national security and the safety of people’s lives and property”.

The China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association is saying the game is a “threat to geographical information security and a threat to transport and the personal safety of consumers”.

Pokemon Go is just one augmented reality that has yet to launch in China. There are other companies and developers working on similar games that it is why the panel wanted to get help from the licensing body. We’re not sure if and when Pokemon Go will indeed be given license in China but we’re willing to bet them Chinese geeks and games can’t wait to try augmented reality.

We can also think of another limitation. Some Google services are blocked in China. That’s a problem because Pokemon Go takes advantage of the the Maps app and if it is still blocked, Pokemon Go will be deemed useless.

SOURCE: Reuters