Pokemon GO isn’t exactly old but it’s been over three years since the AR game became popular. The phenomenal augmented reality adventure became big very quickly. It still has a lot of loyal fans and players even after all those years. In recent months, we learned of the Mega Evolution introduced alongside the Pokemon Cafe Mix and Pokemon Smile. The Pokemon GO team just teased some MEGA news that will be ready soon for trainers. No other detail has been shared but we know it’s all about the Mega Evolution.

A source has shared some details about the Mega Evolution, sharing how it works. The Mega Pokemon is ready together with new gameplay for everyone. This temporary effect of the Mega Pokémon requires Mega Energy. It allows a character to evolve and keep it in Mega form.

Mega Energy will eventually run out. Remember that only one Pokemon can Mega Evolve at once. It can still Mega Evolve again in the future. To get more Mega Energy, the creature must go through a raid battle set first. The quicker a battle is finished, the more energy will be received. This means more battles, more Mega Energy.

Battle raids will soon feature Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, Mega Blastoise, and Mega Beedrill. Mega Energy will be ready as well. In Mega Evolution, the Mega Pokémon will get a boost in attack power. It can be set as a buddy and be used in battles.

Not all Pokemon can be Mega Evolved. You can’t evolve Shadow and Clone Pokémon. A Mega Pokémon section will be available on the Pokédex so you can track the species. This coming September, you can also join a number of Mega Evolution-themed events like Mega Raids (September 1-7) and gym and Team Rocket battles (Sept. 11-17).

Subscriptions may also be offered by Pokemon GO. There is no official announcement yet but some related details have leaked in the Pokemon GO game code. It could be just subscription costs within the in-game store. The idea is actually old but perhaps the team has not implemented it yet for whatever reason.

A ‘Subscription Category’ has been seen within the in-game store’s code. We’re assuming it is for subscription-only items but it could also be for some special Pokemon. Let’s wait and see what it is all about.


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