You’ve probably seen endless stories on your news feed about how people are going crazy over Niantic’s Pokemon Go. It was only in limited release in very select countries and yet fans of the game were already overloading servers and causing things to crash (both digitally and offline). But for those in countries who are waiting for the official release, we have bad news: they are temporarily pausing the international rollout due to the continually crashing game servers.

The game was created by Niantic, a Google/Alphabet spinoff, together with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Of course they expected that the game would be highly popular, but they still weren’t prepared for the influx of users and how long they’ve been playing the game. The game rolled out in New Zealand and Australia initially, and then when it hit the US on Wednesday evening, a monster had been unleashed. And so the server crashing had also begun.

So until they’re able to fix the problem, Niantic has decided to pause the international rollout until they have fixed the server capacity and they’re “comfortable” enough to open it up once again. While they’ve had “a great run” in terms of expanding the server capability, once you let other countries in on it, you can expect even more problems with the game.

Pokemon Go lets you capture those adorable and never scary pocket monsters “in real life”. Meaning, you actually have to go outside of your house and look for your Bulbasaurs and Charmanders and Squirtles, etc. If you live in a country where it has officially rolled out, then good for you and enjoy hunting for those virtual characters while the servers haven’t crashed. Just be careful that you yourself won’t crash. And if you don’t have it yet in your region, maybe you can try to resist using workarounds just to get it or you might get locked out or something.

VIA: Business Insider