Niantic has another event lined up for all of you Pokemon GO trainers out there – we have a combination of the official Adventure Week and the unofficial Rock Event. There are celebratory promos aplenty, and an increase in rock type Pokemon appearing where they’re not usually seen, giving you a chance to build up your collection of rock types.

First up, the Adventure Week event has a bunch of promos specifically for players. There’s the usual free headgear for your in-game character – Adventure Week will give you a fedora hat very much like the one Indiana Jones had, because you know… adventure and all that. Also, there’s this thing about the candy you get from your buddy Pokemon, which will now be available at a quarter of the usual distance you had to walk to get candy. Pretty cool.

Lastly, you will notice an abundance of rock type Pokemon haunting places they are not usually found – which means pretty much everywhere. This gives you a chance to get those evolutions in line and build up your Pokedex with rock types. Here’s a list of all your rock types that are available:

• Aerodactyl
• Corsola *
• Geodude *
• Graveler *
• Golem *
• Kabuto
• Kabutops
• Magcargo
• Omanyte
• Omastar
• Onix
• Shuckle *
• Sudowoodo
• Larvitar *
• Pupitar *
• Tyranitar *

The event started at 4PM Pacific time (May 18) and will end 7 days after. So this will again encourage you to go out and walk those kilometers and try to catch ‘em all.

VIA: SlashGear