I don’t know who is behind the Pokemon GO section at GamePress, but the list of Pokemon in there is nothing short of brilliant. For people who did not grow up playing the game and watching the series but are now very much into Pokemon GO, this list is a big help. A lot of us have wondered which Pokemon are the strongest – well, here they are, sorted by max CP.

Pokemon GO measures the strength of your Pokemon by CP or “combat power”. It’s pretty easy to guess that the most wanted and ever elusive Mewtwo would be the top critter here. But what’s next? The list over at GamePress can be sorted by maximum CP, so the list basically tells you which Pokemon are potentially the strongest.


After a Mewtwo – and you’re a lucky dog if you have one – which tops out at around 4145 CP, you have the Dragonite, or what is the final evolved form of a Dratini at 3500 CP. The Mew, from where the Mewtwo was cloned from, isn’t too bad getting a max 3299 CP, which is nearly unbeatable by most at this point in the game. The legendary Pokemon birds of Team Valor and Team Instinct – Moltres and Zapdos come 4th and 5th, and surprisingly, the Snorlax is 6th at 3113. Team Mystic’s legendary bird Articuno is over at 9th with 2978 CP.


An Arcanine, a Lapras, and an Exeggutor make up the top 10. Go through the list via the source link and see where all your favorite Pokemon are in the table.

SOURCE: GamePress