The Pokemon world is getting some update. The Pokemon Company has announced an important change to the games as players are now allowed to transfer of Pokemon among the different Pokemon games. This means characters played on Pokemon GO can be used on the Pokemon Home. They can then be transferred to Pokemon Sword and Shield. More good news: you can get a free monstrous Pokemon when you transfer one from Pokemon GO into Pokemon HOME, at least, for the first time.

Expect to see Melmetal as a special bonus. It is yours for free when you transfer one Pokemon from Pokemon GO into Pokemon HOME. This only happens during your first ever transfer from Pokemon GO to HOME.

Melmetal is very special. It can be a Gigantamax in a “Mystery Gift” promo. A Mystery Box can be seen on Pokemon HOME when a Pokemon has transferred. It contains the Mythical Pokemon Meltan.

Note that the Pokemon HOME Mystery Gifts are only available on mobile. Pokemon HOME on Nintendo Switch can now also show the ability to connect to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

You can only get the free Pokemon on your Android mobile device (or even iOS) via the mobile app or the Nintendo Switch. Download Pokémon HOME from the Google Play Store and see for yourself.