Pokemon GO Water Festival 2019

The Pokemon GO may no longer excite many of you after more than three years but there are still a few who get excited about anything Pokemon. The past years, we’ve covered every new addition or update and every festival. After the Pokemon GO Team Rocket event and the arrival of Pokemon Masters, here comes the Water Festival 2019. The Pokemon team has been true to their words, saying more Pokemon adventures are coming right up. The next event is going to be ‘wet and wild’. It will be held on August 23, 2019, Friday, 1 PM. It will go on until the following Friday, August 30.

The Water Festival 2019 will have us seeing numerous water-type Pokemon in the wild. Watch out for Waimer, Wooper, or Magikarp. Around water, you may see the following: Buizel, Feebas, Finneoin, Lapras, Lotad, Mantine, Piplup, Poliwhirl, Qwilfish, Seaking, and Wartortle.

More eggs will hatch with water-type pokemon. If you have Kingler and Crawdaunt, they can learn Crabhammer. The latter is a water-type charged attack in the game. Shiny Barboach and Shiny Carvanha can also be encountered.

Raids will now show more bonus. Lapras, Blastoise, and Vaporeon are known to be water-type Pokémon. Exactly on August 28, 6MP to 7PM, you will see other Pokemon like Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. If those are not enough, then enjoy the bonus of a Water-type Pokémon and Buddy Candy.

Pokemon GO has definitely gone a long way. It made us love Pikachu and more. More Pokemon GO characters and lure modules were also introduced recently.