If you’re in the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, or Germany, and you’re able to play Pokemon GO, this won’t mean much to you. But if you’re in Asia and you’ve been agonizing over these rumors of “will it launch” or “will it not launch” – this Reddit thread will be a boon to you, at least in the sense of getting good, verified information when it matters.

A Reddit thread has been started to monitor news items, announcements, and other stuff relevant to Pokemon GO launching in Asia, and if you’re living in these areas where the game hasn’t been officially launched yet, you might want to bookmark the source link below. Wanting to be a Pokemon trainer all your life and then unfair things in life get in the way – things like Niantic’s launch schedule and all these rumors, so we understand the agony.

There was a rumor a few days back that Niantic was ready to launch in Asia “within 48 hours”. That sparked a lot of excitement, but it was ultimately proven false as Niantic themselves quashed the rumor. All of these stories are covered in this Reddit thread.

Check out the source link below, because the best thing you can be right now if not playing Pokemon GO is actually watching out when you can start playing. It might not be too soon, but you’ll never know.

SOURCE: Reddit