Another day, another news about a Pokémon GO related app to help all you trainers and would-be trainers out there. Pokédetector – Notifications lets you know if there are any monsters lurking around the area around you and if you have an Android Wear smartwatch connected to your smartphone, you don’t even need to bring out your phone if you’re roaming around strange neighborhoods trying to search for all those rare Pokémons that seem to elude you.

Basically, that is all that the app does. It may not seem much to ordinary people, but for those who have made it their life’s mission (well, at least, until this particular fad lasts) to capture all 150 Pokémons that are out in the wild, then this is a pretty necessary app. We’ve seen some stories about people getting robbed because they had their phones out in sketchy places trying to capture a monster, so having this app notify you on your wearable will help.

Well, you still have to bring out your smartphone to capture the monster, but at least you won’t be walking around holding it out when you’re searching. You can also view all the nearby Pokémon in the map within the app. It will also work even if you don’t have an Android Wear smartwatch and the notifications will be on your smartphone instead.

The developer is working other features like customizable notifications and choosing specific scanning times in case you don’t want it to always be looking for Pokémon. You can download the Pokédetector – Notifications from the Google Play Store for free.