Alarm clocks are no doubt a dime a dozen at the Google Play Store. We have a few favorites that we really use because it’s really hard to get up in the morning and we need help. Aside from those ‘Top 7 Unusual and Wacky Alarm Clocks for the Sleepyheads’ we featured a few months ago, there’s this new one that will probably be more effective than ever. PodAlarm wakes you up by playing your preferred music app, audiobook, or favorite podcast.

Your daily alarm doesn’t need to be boring so might as well choose one that is fun and something that you know will wake you up.

PodAlarm is easy to use. Simply choose the app you prefer, set the time, and then sleep. Just sleep. No need to worry if you’ll ever wake up on time because this app really works. Make sure you choose a song or podcast that you know will make you get up and go. If you’re a really deep-sleeper, you’re no sleepyhead as the app increases volume from 0 to whatever level that will wake you up from slumber.

Some of the apps we know that can be used with PodAlarm are Pocket Cass, Audible, and your native music gallery.

Download PodAlarm from the Google Play Store