While the Poco F1 seems like a promising smartphone, there has been a lot of feedback from users about several minor issues that have been plaguing them. Xiaomi has now decided to officially release a list (and it is a long list) of these issues and what they are doing to fix this. Some items also require more feedback from users, so if you have a Poco F1, you might want to take a look at the list and give the necessary information they may need.

A lot of the issues actually are still being checked on and they are trying to resolve it so you might see the patches and solutions in the next update. But at least they are acknowledging that issue so you know that they are listening to feedback. For example, they have marked several items as “in progress” like the touch lag and wrong touch problem as well as the missing app icon animation.

As to complaints that there isn’t enough space in the status bar, they suggest two solutions. One is to keep the AM/PM status and then just a notification indicator to tell you how many notifications you have. The other is to remove the AM/PM status so you can add more notifications. They are also still working on optimizing the flash light when taking pictures and optimization of the 4K 60fps recording, which is one of the features they’re marketing the phone with.

As for the battery draining issue which has been annoying some users, they are asking them to share their log info to analyze the problem. They claim that some 3rd party apps are causing the drain, together with framework issues with Android P. They are working with Google to fix this, as well as another problem where OK Google doesn’t work in some scenarios.

They have also managed to fix other previous issues, except that several are still in beta. Hopefully, these issues will soon be resolved as it of course affects the reputation of the Poco F1.

SOURCE: Xiaomi