Today Location Based Technologies Inc announced that Android smartphone users will now be able to download PocketFinder. This application gives users the ability to stay connected in several ways.

Some of the features PocketFinder has to offer include real-time location, zone and speed alerts, instant messaging, and travel history for one low service fee. The CEO of Location Based Technologies (LBT), Dave Moros stated, “In addition, our new Android-based application will eventually support other smartphones and smartphone platforms as we intensify our development efforts to make this enhancement available to their customers and expand our coverage of the global marketplace.”

PocketFinder is now available in the Android Market with a 15-day free trial, starting November users may purchase the app for $4.95/month per phone through the month of November. It will remain at that price as long as the account is kept current and in good standing. Users can even integrate PocketFinder with other devices such as the PetFinder device. PocketFinder will eventually work its way to other smartphone handsets making this a perfect application for families that need to know where everyone is.