The app description for Pocket Casts had recently been updated in Google Play. The update was in regards to questions about whether the app had been abandoned since it hadn’t been updated in quite some time. That last update came back in February 2012. Putting the past aside though, it looks like the long awaited Pocket Casts update will soon be available.

The details are coming direct from the Shifty Jelly team and note that Pocket Casts 4 will be available for Android this month. And nicely done, this is one where the Android users are getting things first. The Pocket Casts 4 update is coming to iOS “later this year.” We will not rub that in though, instead we will focus on what v4 is going to bring. In short — new features and a new look.

Pocket Casts 4 is said to have been completely redesigned. We suspect the folks building the app may be a little bias, however they are saying that it looks “completely awesome” and now reflects a “modern Android user interface.” Until we get hands-on with the app, we are going to have to take them on their word. Of course, a new look will be welcomed.

Other goodies coming along with v4 include tablet support, with specific focus on the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 as well as remote backup, smart dynamic playlists and cross-device syncing of subscriptions, playlists and play states. Basically, Pocket Casts 4 should be welcomed by those who regularly jump between devices. Finally, while these changes should be enough to get excited about, it appears as if there will still be more. In fact, the Shifty Jelly team left off by saying “a lot more” will be coming in version 4.