The Pocket app has recently been updated. This latest update can already be found in the Play Store and it brings a few key additions. One of those should be especially welcomed by those with a device running Android 4.4. Kit Kat. Pocket now supports Immersive Mode, which means those using Kit Kat will be able to read in fullscreen mode and with less distraction.

Worth mentioning, this update also hides these status bar for those using Android 4.1 and later. Hiding the status bar isn’t quite the same as Immersive Mode, but it should serve to add some extra screen real estate. Not to mention, remove some of the potential for distraction.

The other big addition with this update dealt with language support. Users can expect to find support for Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Polish and Portuguese. And this follows the translations into French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish we saw arrive with Pocket last month.

Remaining items mentioned with this update deal with the layout. The folks at Pocket mentioned the following;

  • Automatic adjustments to layout and formatting when adjusting text size to deliver the most readable view.
  • Refined layout and typography, which ensures that headers, images and paragraphs all flow together seamlessly.

The Pocket app can be found using this Google Play Store link.

VIA: Pocket