My local zoo has a bunch of penguins in one of the exhibits. These are the warmer weather sort of penguins and they are always up to something. My kids like to run back and forth in front of the glass while the penguins chase them on the other side. If you are a fan of penguins, a new app has landed for Android devices that you will like.

The app is called Pocket Penguins and it is on the iPhone too. The app streams live video in real-time for the California Academy of Sciences African penguin exhibit. You can watch the penguins during meal times at 10:30 and 3 for extra excitement.

The app streams video all the time for users to enjoy. The app is free to use and download, but the Academy hopes you will donate $5 if you like the app to help fund its operations. The penguin exhibit has a 25,000-gallon aquarium with the water at 50C. The app can access any of the three live webcams in the exhibit.