Pocket has been a really useful tool for those who save articles from the Internet for reading later (well if you actually remember to read them later). However, one thing was missing for Android users and they’ve been requesting it for some time now. Finally, they are giving an early Christmas present for you as you can now highlight the important parts of the article you’re reading so that you can easily save it, share it, or use it for later.

There’s really nothing complicated about highlighting on one of your saved articles. Just long press on a text and then expand the selection until you’ve already captured the whole text that you want to capture. Then just tap the Highlight button and it will already be, well, highlighted. When you tap on it again, it will take you to the Highlights page of the article where you can see at one glance all of your Highlights.

You can then Recommend it, add your comments, and even cross-post to Facebook and Twitter. You can also share and save it to other apps like Evernote, Google Keep, etc. Or if you feel like you don’t need it, you can just remove the Highlight. You can also now filter your list to see just the highlights you’ve done in all your articles in just one place. You can also choose to Recommend, Share, and Delete when you tap on one of the highlights.

If you’re using the free version of Pocket, you only get three highlights per article. If you’ve subscribed to Pocket Premium, you can highlight as many as you want, among other things that you can do.

SOURCE: Pocket