You may remember when we reported that last month that SpaceTime Studios was celebrating their anniversary with limited time goodies. Well, they’ve decided to top that with all premium, limited time content being free … forever. WOW. That’s not a small thing. The free content promotion for Pocket Legends also includes Sandstone Caves, the recent update that included new towns and collectible armor.

The premium content, which has normally been accessed through an in-app purchase, is as follows:

* Balefort Castle
* Fathom Crypts
* The Lost Expedition
* The Ancient Swamps
* Balefort Sewers
* The Alien Oasis Trilogy

The gates are wide open and users don’t have to make any purchases for them. So if you’ve been hesitating on trying out the game, there’s no better time like the present! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Spacetime! Now, where’s the cake?

[via DroidGamers]