With the amount of posts, links, videos, images, etc that we come across every day and that we are thinking of consuming, sometimes what is left is what everybody else is talking about (which is not necessarily quality) or what is the latest thing that you saved/read/watched (which again is not always that great). Pocket, that neat little tool that you can get to save links for reading later, is launching a new Public Beta Channel, which can help you with that problem, among many other features.

The creators of Pocket promise that this beta channel is more than just that, although the very first thing they are making available is called Recommendations. Its basic purpose is to help you discover what are the good content out there, and not just what is the latest or newest thing on your timeline, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or other news readers that you use. You’ll be able to see the Recommendations on your list page, with a button beside the home. Of course, what they will recommend to you is based on the usual things that you save and share later on.

The Public Beta channel will actually later on be experimenting with other features that will not be introduced into the main app yet, but those who want to explore these tools will be able to do so, and then give their feedback so that Pocket can actually improve and better their offerings.


To be able to beta test Pocket for Android, you’d need to join their Google+ community first to become an “eligible tester”. If you want to access it through the web, you can go to getpocket.com/beta and log in to your account. There will be a notice there that it is still in beta testing mode.

SOURCE: Pocket