In case you didn’t know it yet, Pocket is more than just an app that you use to save links for reading later. It has features that are useful if you don’t have time to read all of the saved links. You can ask the app to read back the articles to you, for example. The latest update now allows you to even have continuous playback of all saved articles. The beta version of Pocket meanwhile lets you highlight the important/useful parts of an article so you can go back to them later on.

The Listen / Text-to-Speech function of the Pocket Android app is very useful, for when you want to get caught up in articles you’ve saved and still do other things at the same time, like drive to work or wash the dishes. The update to the app now lets you do that continuously, in a playlist format. You can also browse through the app even while you’re on Listen mode. And if you have a device running Android 5.0 and up, it has support for all the Google voices.

If you’re on the Android beta program of Pocket, you can now try out the Highlight feature. If you find a sentence or paragraph you can use later on or share on your social media or messaging apps, just long press on the text and then tap the Highlights option. If you want to see all the parts you highlighted in a particular story, just tap on any highlight it will light up your screen. You can see all of the things you highlighted by filtering your List.

To enjoy the continuous playback, update your Pocket app to the latest version. And if you want to try out Highlights and other new features they will test out in the future, join the Android Beta program.

SOURCE: Pocket