The folks behind the Pocket app are celebrating one year. To clarify, they are celebrating the one-year anniversary of when they changed the name from Read It Later to Pocket. Regardless of the specific anniversary though, it looks like those who are using Pocket on an Android device now have an update waiting for them. In addition to the app update, this celebration also comes with some interesting comments on sharing.

It seems Pocket users (across all platforms) are now sharing more than 35 million items per month. While that certainly sounds like a large number, the interesting part here is that sharing over email is used more often than sharing over social networks. According to the data from Pocket, users are sharing over email more than twice as often than they are on social networks. You can get an idea of that from the image sitting below, however email sharing is double that of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr combined.


Of course, these details about sharing seem to connect with the new features. First up, this release of Pocket makes it easier to share content with friends using the Send to Friend option. Those on the receiving end of the share will see the shared items directly in Pocket. There is also a new share menu that will highlight your recent apps and friends.

Shifting away from the sharing aspect and there is still a few remaining goodies. Here we have a feature called Instant Sync which will sync across multiple devices as well as an auto full-screen mode that works in both the Article and Web View. Finally, last up was the unspecified, but always welcomed “bug fixes and improvements.” With that, those with Pocket already installed can grab the update using the Play Store on their device. All others, Pocket can be found using this Google Play Store link.

[via Pocket Blog]