When it comes to app updates, not everything is welcomed with open arms. There will always be complaints and “why did you remove this and that?” questions. More often than not, developers will ignore these and just let people get used to the new version. But it looks like podcast app Pocket Casts chose to listen to their users who were not completely happy with version 7 released a couple of weeks ago. Now they have rolled out version 7.0.2 which brings back a couple of things plus some improvements.

One of the things they’re bringing back is multi select which lets you choose more than one episode for bulk action. You can use it to download, add to the up next playlist, mark as played, or archive old episodes you’ve already listened to. Just long press on an episode to activate the multi select feature and then choose which other episodes you want to include in the action. You can also long press again to have the option to select all above or below.

Another thing that users were complaining about with version 7.0 is that the downloads were not at the top of a podcast anymore. So now in the latest update, they’re bringing it back and they have also added another feature which they think users will appreciate: grouping option by played status and by season. This is especially useful if the podcast you’re listening to has a lot of episodes and season. There is also a global setting in case you want to group all your podcasts in the same way.

The update also brings the usual bug fixes and improvements. It’s nice that the Pocket Casts developers actually listen to their users to improve their product and even rectify their “mistakes” in removing features. Update to the latest version to enjoy, or re-enjoy these things.

SOURCE: Pocket Casts