Podcast app Pocket Casts previously made major changes to its app, making the mobile app totally Free and launching a new subscription service. They thought they were bringing good news but not all were pleased, particularly those who purchased the web version and felt they were cheated out of lifetime access. Now the company is backing down, giving those who bought the desktop app lifetime subscriptions after initially Offering them just three years of free access to Pocket Casts Plus.

The initial announcement was of course good news on the surface as there were those who were hesitant to use Pocket Casts because it was a paid app. But there were also those who already made the relatively expensive purchase of the desktop app who felt they were now just paying for three years instead of the lifetime access they were initially promised.

While the app purchase and the Pocket Casts Plus are technically two different things, you can’t really blame users for thinking they were cheated out of their purchase. So Pocket Cast were quick to fix their error, saying that this new move is to avoid confusion and affirm their commitment to those who were loyal enough to make the purchase ppreviously.

They said they are working to make this effective immediately and some paid users are already seeing their accounts bumped up to lifetime subscription once they opened up their desktop apps.

But if you’re just here for the free Pockat Casts mobile app, then as you were. Just download the app and enjoy listening to your podcasts for free.


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