Pocket Casts for Android has just been updated. The app now features the Nearby tab which you can find in the Discover area so you can see nearby Android Pocket Casts users. If others have done the same, you can see what they are enjoying so the two of you can share subscriptions and subscribe to what each of you are listening to.

With this latest update, discovering new podcasts are easier and faster. You can help spread the word about your fave podcast artists so they can get more fans and listeners. The 5.0 version of the Pocket Casts for Android also included fixes on several issues on downloading, grid and missing artwork, and animation issues with the play and pause button found in the mini player. While enjoyin a streaming episode, you can download it for later or offline listening.

The Pocket Casts app still features the same quality audio effects, auto download, sync and backup of subscriptions and filters between devices, filter options and custom categories, variable speed, sleep timer, themes, and who could forget Chromecast support. App also features Material Design for a more modern and updated look and feel. You’ll notice the vivid colors and subtle animations on this updated app.

Believe it or not, the Pocket Casts app is free to download. There are no premium items for sale either. There are no ads at all or even episode limits, plugins, or feature bloat–there’s nothing of that in Pocket Casts.

Download Pocket Casts from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: shifty jelly


  1. ì bring ìn 85 bucks hourly workíng online from your home – i never believed that it was legit by workíng thís job but my good frìend ìs making ten thousand dollars every month and she showed me – get more details by lookìng at lìnk at my profile

  2. That’s funny, I just went to download it and it says it costs $3.99Cdn. The article says ” believe it or not” , guess I don’t


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