pocket recommendations android app

As if the stuff we see on all of our social media feeds are not enough, Pocket app’s recent update includes a new Recommendations feature so you can see articles and videos you might be interested in or might have missed. On the Pocket app, you’ll see a Recommended tab that features the items the app thinks you might want to read or view.

Pocket allows you to personalize your feed so you can read only the stuff you care about–all videos and articles of topics you are interested in. With Recommendations, you can see not just the latest news but those stories you want to read and the ones with high-quality content. You see, there may be a lot of stories to read out there but most of them are irrelevant, inaccurate, or incomplete. Pocket aims to bring only content that matters to you–the best stories that are worth watching or reading about. Time is precious and you surely don’t want to waste them on garbage, do you?

The Recommendations tab is placed beside your List on Pocket. More stories are added which you can read immediately or save for later reading. Pocket will look at the past articles you’ve read or saved and will base new recommendations on them. There are more interesting videos and articles you might want to check out so just tap on the Recommended tab to see what’s new.

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SOURCE: Pocket