There is no shortage of available Twitter apps for Android users. Most seem to have their personal favorite, but regardless of how well an app runs, or how nice it looks, the lack of certain features will end up being a turn off for some. With that in mind, the folks at Plume have released the v5.4 update which brings a notable new feature.

Plume v5.4 has arrived in the Google Play Store and it has brought push notifications (always on streaming). This is a feature that is turned off by default, but a quick trip into the settings is all that is needed to turn it on. Navigate to Settings -> General and scroll down to Live Stream Mode. Tapping this will allow you to make the adjustments.

Users will have the option to choose Never, When Plume is Running and Always (instant notifications). Basically, that last option is the one you want if you are looking to get your notifications instantly and are looking to avoid the manual refreshes while in the app. Perhaps even nicer, the folks at Plume are touting this as a feature that has “no impact on battery usage.”

Otherwise, aside from this addition, Plume v5.4 also had a few other changes. Coming by way of the ‘What’s New’ section of the Play Store listing, this update means the app should use less memory when in the background and there was also a fix for avatars that were not always showing in the widgets. Column counters will now also show the amount of unread tweets.

That all having been said, those looking for this latest Plume release will find it in the Google Play Store. Plume is available for free, however it is ad-supported. Those looking to ditch the ads can navigate to Settings and scroll down to the Plume Premium option in the About section. Plume Premium, which is ad-free currently sells for $4.99.