Noise-cancelling technology is heaven-sent for audiophiles but frankly, it’s not always perfect. More often than not, you can still hear some noise in the background. We’re still looking for the best pair because we sometimes think that those currently out in the market are not worth their prices. We’re willing to support and try this new pair of Plugfones Liberate. It’s a new Kickstarter project that aims to work both as earplugs and as earbuds.

This isn’t the first time the team is designing a pair. It has already launched the WIRED Plugfones a few years ago and through those years, they’ve learned a lot of things that they’re using now on this new pair. The Plugfones Liberate still has a patent pending but we can expect excellent aural quality even sans the 3.5mm connector.

Plugfones Liberate at the gym, while traveling, in the office, jobsite, or even in noisy environments like a construction site or airport. Each pair boasts of a fully sweat-proof design, Bluetooth 4.0 antenna, noise-reducing inline mic for voice calls, and a water-resistant USB charging connector. The pair is ready for rough use with its ruggedized control buttons and robust design. It can last up to eight hours on a single charge. You can choose between the color-combo options: Yellow/Dark Blue(Long model) or Black/Grey (Short model).

A pair of Plugfones Liberate costs only $99 but price may change after the campaign. Fund goal is only $35,000 but with still 15 days to go before deadline, over $205,000 have been raised already. Thanks to all those 2,382 backers who believe in the project. If you’re interested, you can still help fund Plugfones Liberate on Kickstarter.

SOURCE: Kickstarter