When Plex launched their VR app just last January, it was only available for Google’s Daydream VR headset. But of course there are other devices and platforms out there that are also pushing virtual reality and the whole ecosystem. So now they have finally made their media center app available for the Samsung Gear VR. Now those who own the headset will be able to watch their media collections in VR and stream their favorite movies and TV shows there as well.

What makes the Plex VR app unique is that you can watch your videos in a virtual room setting and while watching, you can do all sorts of shenanigans like throw popcorn at the “screen” or put your feet up the table without making a mess in real life. You can watch 3D out of the box, transcode media, and of course even 360-degree videos, with the right formats and bit rates. You can virtually swipe through all your media content and just switch videos easily when you get bored or find something more interesting.

When they launched on Daydream VR, there was also a co-viewing function which lets you and your loved ones virtually watch something together as if you were in the same room. However, this isn’t available yet for the Gear VR but Plex did say they were working on it. Having the social functionality is another unique thing that will entice people to actually watch virtually.

You can download the Plex VR app from the Oculus Store on Gear VR. They’re also working on bringing it to the upcoming Oculus Go headset.