Plex has just announced an update to its media player system that will give users something to enjoy this weekend. While there are new features across the board, bulk of the update revolves around enhancements to its Chromecast support.

More than just flinging videos to watch, users can now also cast other types of media as well, turning Chromecast-enabled TVs into jukeboxes or a giant slideshow to show off those vacation photographs. But of course, videos are still the numero uno use case for a deadly Plex and Chromecast combo, so the developers at Plex hunkered down to make video streaming even better. Videos will now play more reliably and smoothly and even 1080p videos will require less transcoding. And in case you don’t want to go solo for your next movie or TV marathon, Plex now offers Chromecast content mirroring. This will let you display things such as artists, episodes, albums, and other information both on your mobile device and on the screen for everyone to see.

Moving away from Chromecast features, the Plex update also brings an interesting new feature. Called Shared Sync, this allows other people to sync from your Plex server, even when they don’t have a Plex Pass account, which is perfect for sharing with family members. And speaking of servers, the Plex media server is inching closer to that celebrated 1.0 milestone and is now faster than ever before.

The new Chromecast features, particularly content mirroring and audio and photo streaming require the latest Android app. Other features such as enhanced video streaming and shared sync will need the updated Plex media server as well.