Podcasts have been around since 2004 (well, the present format, that is) but these past years have seen a resurgence for this form of media. While Apple users had their handy Podcast app built-in to their devices, Android users needed to find 3rd-party apps to enjoy their daily dose of information, true crime, entertainment, etc. While Google finally did come up with Google Podcasts this year, other media apps are also boosting their own players and streaming services, including Plex.

Just a few months ago, they launched Podcasts in Plex but it was still in beta release. Well now they are officially bringing it out of beta and along with it, they also added some new features based on the feedback that they got from the testers as well as requested features from users. Offline support is probably something that streaming apps should offer from the very beginning. With Plex, you will now be able to download single episodes or set it up that every podcast you follow should download a new episode every time. So even when you don’t have a connection anymore, you’ll still be able to enjoy listening to your podcasts.

If you’ve previously been using a different app to listen to your podcasts but now you want to switch to Plex since all your other media are there anyway, they’ve made it easy for you to migrate. You will have to export your podcast feed and import it to Plex with their OPML feature. We’re not sure if it will be able to import it exactly as you arranged it in your previous app, but at least it removes the hassle of adding each one manually to your Plex podcast playlist.

Plex has also added podcast support to two other places: Sonos speakers and Android Auto. If your Sonos speakers supports streaming from Plex, you will also now be able to listen to your podcasts while doing stuff around the house or office. And if you have a long drive ahead of you and you don’t want to listen to music, you can just go ahead and listen to your podcast heart’s content while driving (but please do it safely).

You can update your Plex app to the latest version and head on over to the Podcast section to enjoy all these new features.