PLEX has announced it a bit earlier, and we’ve been generally excited that PLEX will now come baked in to the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console. If you’re thinking this is just an app, then you’d be wrong – the whole caboodle for PLEX is now in the SHIELD, including the media server element. The update is now rolling out to your consoles as we speak.

If you’re a PLEX user, you know that the media server element needs to be installed where it can process and dispense your media collection. But because the NVIDIA SHIELD is probably the most robust Android device in the market today, PLEX has been able to bake into the console both the app and the media server elements, giving you full PLEX capabilities on your NVIDIA SHIELD.


PLEX Media Server will allow you to watch and listen to media either stored on your console or at some network location. You will also be able to stream media to your Android smartphones, provided you install the PLEX app, of course. The transcoding is taken care of by the SHIELD’s Tegra X1 processor and the 256-core Maxwell GPU.


You know you want it, and it’s an update anyways. Together with PLEX, NVIDIA is also giving you HDR for Netflix, 4K resolution viewing for VUDU, and 60fps 4K viewing for YouTube. Make sure you install this update soon.