DVRs are still around but we’re not talking about the old kind. We’re referring to those similar to the Plex DVR that was launched a few months back as a more convenient and more modern digital video recorder. Some of you may not even bother watching TV anymore because there’s the Internet and YouTube but there are people who still like the DVR experience.

The Plex is already a well-known media server setup but now it’s getting an update with the addition of live TV and DVR. It’s available for every Plex Pass subscriber who will also take the time to get a TV tuner and connect to a TV antenna.

Plex Live TV brings support for Live TV but at this moment, only for Android TV. With Plex, you can start streaming live content from anywhere in the world when you want to catch up on your favorite shows. Watching in real time is still preferred but we understand that you don’t have a lot of time in your hands. But when you do, you can quickly and conveniently rely on Plex to stream the shows you want to watch.

The Plex team also announced support for USB tuners like the DVBLogic, AVerMedia, and Hauppauge. This brings the feature to more people especially after all the enhancements on the core DVR engine. As described, the Plex schedule is smarter. You can watch live and record at the same time without being bothered by overlapping recordings if there are any. Recording and live streaming at the same time? It is possible. Note that only those with Plex Pass can enjoy the Plex Live TV and DVR feature.