Managing all the media that you bought online or that you stream from various sources can sometime be a bit tricky, especially if you are a pop culture junkie. Plex has been trying to help you manage all of that with its range of products that lets you manage all your movies, TV shows, music, photos, etc. They know their users pretty well and so they are now bringing a redesigned mobile app (and a pleasant surprise with it) that will let them personalize their various media collection. Here are some of the new things that you can do with your Plex Android app.

Customize your home screen

Having control over how your app looks like is always a plus point for users. You will now be able to reorder the sections or if some are pretty useless for you, you can actually remove them. If you want to see Recently Added TV first before anything else or if you want to have My Newscast at the top of your screen, then you can now just drag and drop the sections. You can also add new ones from anywhere in the app and across different servers as well.

Arrange tabs of media types

When you get to the bottom of the screen of your app, you’ll now see tabs of your different media types so you can easily switch to whichever one you need at the moment. You can also choose to re-order and remove some of the media types that you don’t really use and just put them under the “more” overflow and just focus on the kind that you really use often. Shows, Movies, and Music are probably the three that you’ll find in most users’ home screen, unless photos are more your thing.

Access across sources

Each media type sometimes has different sources. You can now customize the default source for each of the media types that you have synced to your Plex app. This is useful if you have content split across multiple servers or if you want to just rely on the default source that brings you the songs or videos that you want.

Listen to podcasts on your Plex media

But probably the biggest news that this update brings is that it now supports Podcasts, which makes sense given the other media content that it already has. Podcast support is still in beta right now within the Plex app but you can already try it out. Probably one of the best things about it is that it’s free for all users and so you don’t need to have a server or a premium account to be able to access it. Whether you have specific podcasts that you listen to already or if you’re looking for something new, you rich search and discovery feature comes in handy. The more podcasts you listen to, the more machine learning comes into play for suggestions and recommendations.

You can now update your Plex app to enjoy all of these new things that you can do within it. Happy listening and/or watching!