It appears as if the Plex for Android app will soon be getting a makeover. In fact, the folks at Plex are describing this as being completely rewritten from scratch and with new features to include lock-screen music controls and global search integration. On the flip side of the new features though, this updated release of Plex for Android will remove support for some older devices.

Details show that the updated app will support Android 3.2 or later, which is a change from the currently supported 1.6 or later. Given some of the comments from Plex, we are not all that sure the change will make a huge difference anyway. It was said that “almost” 90 percent of the Plex users are running 4.0 or later.

Device support aside, Plex for Android users should be on the lookout for the app, which is said to coming sometime this week. The app will initially be available for PlexPass subscribers and it will be launching as a beta. No mention as to how long the beta period will last, however it was said that once out of beta, the app will be available as a free upgrade for current Plex for Android users.

In terms of the app itself, it will bring goodies to include paging and infinite scrolling and network data compression. Those who regularly use Plex/Web should also appreciate the filters as they are said to be the same. Some of the other goodies are being touted as a powerful new video player, an improved search experience (including the previously mentioned global search integration), the ability to recommend videos to friends, the ability to share videos on Facebook, on-device notifications and the ability to sync media to your device. As if that was not enough of a teaser — this update will also turn your Android device into a media server allowing you to stream between devices.

[via Plex]