Plex had been teasing an updated Android app for some time now. Those teasers began back in mid-February, however the teasing has since come to an end and Plex for Android v3.0 has left the beta period and as a result — it is now available for all users. The Plex app can be found in the Play Store and it brings support for devices running Android 3.2 or later.

With that in mind, before we get into what has changed with this update, we should mention the price. Plex for Android is $4.99. This update is free for those who have already purchased the app, but those downloading for the first time should be aware. Despite a price that may seem high for a mobile app, Plex for Android is well worth the money and this update has only served to make it better.

For those not familiar with Plex, this allows you to easily create a home media server. Plex runs on a computer sitting on your home network and gives you easy access to your media files from other devices including your Android smartphone or tablet. Plex also has other apps available including one for the Roku. Putting that all to the side, we will say this — Plex is just about the easiest route to take in terms of getting a home media server setup.

Anyway, Plex for Android 3.0 is described as being a “huge step forward” and it is an app that has been completely rewritten. While the changelog is long and detailed, a few of the highlights include the following;

  • Improved login and signup experience
  • Audio control notifications (skip, pause, play)
  • Improved refreshing of library sections (scroll position maintained)
  • Added new section filtering options, On Deck, Recently Added, Types, By Folder, etc.
  • Added share option, allows queuing URLs to Plex from other applications
  • Ability to browse “up” from library content
  • New preplay layouts for small screen devices
  • Added remote play support (“Play On”) (hold down play button)
  • Added remote play notifications
  • Support for client side subtitles
  • Support for ‘Announcements’ to keep up to date all things Plex

The list of fixes is equally as long. Some of the highlights here include issues dealing with memory usage and music playback, memory usage and background art, a switch of the unwatched filter, more than one “now playing” window will no longer launch and more. All said and done, Plex for Android 3.0 has arrived and it is not only a worthwhile update for existing users, but also a good opportunity for new users to get a first look.

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