We’ve lost count of how many Android apps have been updated with Material Design in mind but the number is probably a big percentage of the apps in Google Play Store already. One of the popular ones receiving a late makeover is Plex. The app regularly gets an update but it’s only now that it’s getting some Material Design love.

The Plex preview screens have been updated to adapt to the Material Design guidelines so we can expect a better user interface on both tablet and smartphone. If you’re an avid Plex user, you’ll notice a number of things like channel searching support for Android TV. You can also now filter and sort items found in a library, as well as, enjoy multi-part video playback.

When in use with Chromecast, you can freely select and switch subtitles, audio, and quality even while a video is playing. With this update, MP4 playback has also been improved when you use the Experimental Play. And as with most app updates, a lot of bugs and issues have been fixed.

Plex Material Design a

Plex has always been known to be a beautifully-designed app but Material Design makes it look even nicer. Media experience with Plex is better and more convenient as it can easily convert media files and play them on any device. You can also share your media and sync them to share with your contacts or save for offline viewing. Files can also be synced with your main cloud storage like Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

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