If you use Plex to store your media and to watch on your mobile device as well, the newest update to its Android app will make you happy. There are new viewing options that you’ll be able to try on your phone including picture-in-picture mode. The app’s entire user interface has also been given a makeover that actually mirrors Plex’s music interface. The update also brings new features that were only previously available in the beta version.

SlashGear detailed all the new things about Plex on their post. The picture-in-picture mode allows you to minimize the current vide you’re watching to a thumbnail window so you can continue watching your movie or tv show even if you’re using a different app or you’re browsing through the Plex library to see what you want to watch next. You now also have new viewing modes that can fill and stretch your video from its original size. Just go to the Playback Settings in Display Mode and choose which one you’d like to use for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re going to use your phone in its natural vertical position, you can still lock the video playback in landscape mode with this new update. You will also now be able to scrub through the video easily as you will now have a thumbnail preview under on the seekbar. You can also now move through the different parts of the movie you’re watching as the app now has chapter support. The “old school” way of tapping on the left and right sides of your playback window to move forward or backwards is also available.

In case you’re planning on binge-watching on your Plex app on your phone, you can now preload the next video. Once your current video is almost at the end and starts the post-play countdown, the next video that you queued up will start buffering already. This can be good news for those who want to watch a lot of videos on their vacation but bad news for those trying to curb their watching time.

You can update your Plex Android mobile player to enjoy all these new features. Of course expect the current beta features to make their appearance to the stable version in the next update.