PlayStation Vue is Sony’s TV service that resides on the PlayStation 4 console where users pay Sony USD$50.00 per month, and the service uses the internet to stream live TV channels to their PS4 console. One of the great things about the Vue service is that users are free from long-term cable contracts, and now they are even able to enjoy their subscription to the service on their Android device, through the official PlayStation Vue app.

The PlayStation Vue service has recently been updated with new features that their users would enjoy. You can now sign in on the web at and enjoy your subscription even if you are outside your home. And speaking of being away from home, you can now access regional sports networks like Fox Sports and NBC Sports so you can get to watch your home team. Also, PSVue now gives you access to your local TV stations so you can keep updated on what’s going on at home – whether in news or weather.

The PlayStation Video app has also been updated to be able to stream to Chromecast-enabled screens. If you’re not familiar with PlayStation Video, this is where you enjoy the movies you purchased over the PlayStation Store. Now when you install the android app, you extend the reach of your videos so that they are available to stream on your Android device as well.

The PlayStation Vue Mobile and the PlayStation Video apps are both available on the Google Play Store. If the PlayStation 4 acts as your in-home entertainment hub, then it makes sense for you to download these apps.

SOURCE: PlayStation